This is an alpha release, meaning it is likely to be filled with bugs. Just like with any custom ROM, you are installing this at your own risk, and the developers are not responsible for any damage to your phones.


Tired of Nexus One and Droid users gloating their CyanogenMod 6 over you? Well, HTC Hero owners – worry no more. The Alpha version of CM6 (the same version available for said phones) has officially been released for the GSM Hero (this does not include the Sprint Hero). The download links are available below.


  1. Download each of the above files.
  2. Place them onto your SD card, but not in any folders.
  3. Boot into recovery mode by holding down the Home and Power buttons.
  4. Flash CM6 Alpha, and then Google Apps.
  5. Reboot.

If you’re the kind of person who is looking for stability, or a full changelog, this is not the ROM to download.

Source: HTCPedia