I want to say up front that I don’t have much faith in this. In fact, I only agreed to do it if I could clearly indicate how dubious I am in the article. So, I’m opening with a screenshot of just how sketchy this is:


If you haven’t read the article in the image (which I’m hoping you haven’t), here are the important details (according to the article):

Gaurav Jain, Google Android Product Manager, has said, “Google will combine music download service next version of Android launched for the U.S. holiday season.” [Not bad, Google Translate.]

Awesome, right? We already know that a music service is coming, and hey, the folks at Google always do right by us, don’t they? I can genuinely say, I’m excited for Google’s music service. Will it be successful? Who the hell knows. But will it be awesome? Probably… but I’m getting off topic here. The issue is the source, the details – not the general idea.

So this guy picture in the article, Gaurav Jain, is  a Google Android Product Manager, eh? That’s interesting, because if you Google “Gaurav Jain google”, you quickly get confirmation that yes, Gaurav Jain definitely works for Google. His LinkedIn says so. Here’s the problem though:


Yea, ok, so he looks different in this picture than in the one up top. Except, keep looking through LinkedIn…


Yea, clearly the guy in the article is some random dude from Toronto who happens to have the same name, and not the guy who works at Googlebut then we found this:


So now we have no idea what the hell to think. Could be credible, but you’d think the guy who is Android Project Manager would have something to that effect in either his LinkedIn or on his Google Profile – or otherwise indicate in either profile that he lives in or around a Google major office (i.e. San Francisco, where… Guarav Jain #2 lives). The more you look, the more little details you see supporting either conclusion.

To sum up: yes, the Goog is coming out with a music service. Is it coming with Gingerbread? Maybe. Seems like a short timetable to get there, but it’s certainly possible, and given that we know Gingerbread will be big, and updates will slow, it would be a good time. Still, I’m personally unconvinced – like I said, just seems too fast. Then again, who knows - maybe they will launch it with Gbread and then keep it in Beta until 2027 or something.

Source: Calcalist

Via: Gizmodo