If you’re already planning to pick up T-Mobile’s first high-end Android offering, the Samsung Vibrant, then you’ll probably want to think about getting your pre-order at RadioShack instead of from T-Mobile directly.

RadioShack is offering the phone at the same $199.99 price as T-Mobile (when opening a new account or upgrading your line), but without the pesky mail-in rebate.

That isn’t enough to sway you? Well, then you’ll want to get your pre-order in before July 18 – in addition to free shipping, everyone who does gets a no-strings-attached $50 RadioShack gift card. For anyone planning to buy some accessories for the phone, RadioShack has basically taken $50 off of your bill.

For those of you unable to use the subsidized upgrade option, the phone will cost $499, and when adding a line it will cost $299. It doesn’t look like you can pre-order with either of these plans, however, and thus neither will yield the added gift card bonus.


Source: RadioShack