It seems a new Android phone is on its way to T-Mobile stores, but it might not be the superphone you’re looking for. The Motorola Charm, revealed in leaked training materials sent to Engadget, is running an enhanced version of Motoblur on top of Android 2.1.

However, what makes this phone unique is its form factor, a candybar style with a front-facing keyboard, similar to many Blackberry devices. The materials also note a variety of changes and additions to Motoblur in 2.1:

  • Seven home screens
  • Motoblur widgets can now be resized
  • Widgets include enhanced functionality including “Like” for Facebook and “Retweet” for Twitter
  • Usual Android 2.1 enhancements, such as multitouch and 3D Gallery

No technical specs were included, but given the nature of the device, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Expect to see this on par with other T-Mobile phones, possibly as a mid-range device like the myTouch Slide. We should see some more information on the Charm really soon - its release can’t be too far away if employees are already being trained on it.

Motorola Charm icon


While there are likely many T-Mobile customers who would enjoy this form factor, the other big news here is in a small part of the training materials, under “What’s New.”

It claims that “most enhancements” will be available for the CLIQ and CLIQ XT, which may mean that the 2.1 update for those devices is coming close.

The updates were supposed to head out in Q2, which is quickly drawing to a close. Does this mean we’ll see these updates this week, or will Motorola wait until this new device is released before updating their older devices? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Engadget