Man, these guys are good. This is the third time I’m writing about Eugene in the past 2 weeks – first he rooted the MT3GS (June 15), then he rooted the Aria two days after it came out. Now, he and ChiefzReloaded are poised to release FroYo ROM's for the G1, MyTouch 3G, and MyTouch 3G Slide.


Last night Eugene and Chiefz kept us updated via a series of Tweets. While they were hoping to work out all the bugs by the end of the night, they didn’t quite make it and called it quits, and they plan on finishing it up today.


The finalized FroYo source code was released on June 23 – it’s pretty impressive that these guys have managed to port it already. Well done, guys.


Update: Oops – the link I had before to download the ROM wasn’t to the correct ROM. They haven’t uploaded the FroYo ROM yet. My mistake! We’ll be sure to update once they do release the FroYo ROMs. Sorry everyone!