The crew behind the original easy root for HTC EVO 4G and HTC Hero - unrEVOked - has released unrEVOked2 (UR2) – a tool that lets you replace your phone's (see below for supported models) stock Android recovery with the ClockworkMod recovery. ClockworkMod allows users to create nandroid backups, use custom ROMs, and otherwise customize the phone.

UR2 does not unlock the NAND on the phone permanently - it only does it long enough to install a custom recovery.

When coupled with the original unrEVOked, UR2 provides means to easily root (albeit without a permanent NAND unlock) and install ClockworkMod on all of these phones:

  • HTC EVO 4G
  • HTC Droid Incredible
  • HTC Desire
  • HTC Aria

Version 2, released today, adds the following features:

  • Mac OS X: Added support for 10.5, not just 10.6.
  • Added support for HTC Aria.
  • Updated to ClockworkMod Recovery

Here are a few relevant parts of the UR2 wiki that may help answer some of your questions:

Common Problems & Questions

  • Does unrevoked2 give me root?
    No; you must have already rooted your phone before running unrevoked2.

  • What does this do, then?
    unrevoked2 will replace the stock Android recovery with a custom one, which adds many features including “nandroid” backups, the ability to use custom ROMs, and a greater amount of flexibility and customization of your Android phone.

  • Does this permanently unlock the NAND flash on my phone?
    No. The tool only unlocks the NAND flash sufficiently long to flash the custom recovery, ClockworkMod. Because of the mechanism that unrevoked2 uses, it is infeasible to leave it unlocked for longer. For this reason, the tool functions as a single unit–if any one part of it doesn't work, the NAND flash may not even be unlocked! After the reflash tool finishes running, the phone's hardware automatically relocks NAND flash.

  • Are any drivers required?
    On Linux and OS X, the program is self-contained. For Windows users, please install the HBOOT drivers contained in the package before use.

  • The program hangs when “waiting for the system to settle.”
    Uninstall any programs that may connect to the phone over USB and automatically sync. Specifically, we have had interference from HTC Sync and Doubletwist in the past; other programs may also cause trouble.

If you’re ready to take the dive, head on over to

Edit by Artem: for EVO 4G users, a much better and a more complete rooting solution that unlocks NAND (/system) and provides root is the 3-click Simple Root method I described in detail here. Use it in place of unrEVOked.