On their corporate blog, Sprint confirmed today that the Android 2.2 update for the EVO is being finalized. It’s pretty impressive that the FroYo source code was released just two days ago, and already Sprint is finalizing the code. Then again, as a corporate developer, Sprint had access to the source code earlier than the public, courtesy of the private code branch. It’s no surprise that they chose to update the EVO first, given that it’s their crown jewel.

As work on finalizing the software is under way, Sprint expects to launch the update in the near future – which is sure to make a lot of people happy, given the number of EVO’s sold.

With the Android 2.2 upgrade, customers can expect improvements to include the following benefits: updates to user interface, improved EAS Support, improved browser performance, including Flash 10x Support, voice dialing over Bluetooth and application storage on external memory.

For a full rundown of the updates, changes, and new features in FroYo, check out our comprehensive guide.

Update: Article split – just got an official tweet from Sprint saying that the Hero and Moment will not get FroYo.