Earlier today we reported that the Droid X internals were leaked out and provided to developers to play with. It didn't take long at all - Droid X's software keyboard is already available for everyone to download.

This keyboard should work for any Android phone running 2.1 Eclair (it reportedly force closes for most on Froyo). It looks very clean, mostly due to the absence of most non-alphanumeric characters which can be accessed using a familiar looking button on the bottom left.

One thing that is strikingly different about Droid X's keyboard is multi-touch. You can press one button while typing something else, which you can't do with other keyboards. How exactly it is useful remains to be seen (holding shift comes to mind, for instance, but is it really necessary?).

Haptic feedback (vibration on key press) doesn't work yet - keep that in mind.

Update 6/25/10: Damage Control users - this keyboard is now available from within DC Updater!

Droid X's Sexy Software Keyboard Ripped Out, Now Available For All Phones Droid X's Sexy Software Keyboard Ripped Out, Now Available For All Phones 

Edit: here's a video shot by droid-life.com showing the keyboard in action:


In order to install the keyboard, grab the .apk file from any of the mirrors posted below and copy it to your phone's SD card (you can download directly on your phone to save time)


Once you have the .apk, click on it and then install. Once the installation complete, enable the new keyboard via the Settings > Language & keyboard menu, just like you would with any other non-stock Android keyboard.

After enabling, you have to actually switch to they new keyboard by opening any text field and holding your finger in it. In the menu that pops up, you should find "Input method" and "Multi touch keyboard" as one of the selections.

Note: no root is needed to install this keyboard.

Source: xda