** Note: This article contains my personal speculation. WireFly will neither confirm nor deny what I suggest in this article. Please don’t sue me. **

Last week, WireFly started a contest called “Why Android Can Beat Up Your iPhone.” Contestants had to write an essay explaining why they thought Android devices were superior to the iPhone(s). There would be 5 winners, and their prize would be the Android device of their choice.

Today, they pulled down the contest. Since Wirefly suspiciously refused to comment on the situation, I begin my rampant (but, let's be honest – probably correct) speculation:

Apple is notorious for being an incredibly litigious company. If I had to come up with an analogy for Apple, I’d say they’re like the jacked-up, angry pitbulls that are used for dog fighting. You know – really mean, very particular, and massively overprotective. Because of this, I strongly suspect that Apple was behind this.

As I’ve stated before, I enjoy Apple products, and I think that they truly are the best choice for some people. But… seriously? I’m having trouble articulating how ridiculous it would be if Apple really were behind this.

At least it’s worth a good “lol” and a facepalm. This stuff writes itself.

Update: Based on comments, I feel the need to remind people of the very strong relationship between Apple and AT&T. WireFly may not have any business dealings with Apple, but they are an AT&T dealer.