In an unsurprising and entirely boring turn of events, Samsung Behold II upgrade to Android 1.6, aka Donut, has started on June 21st and is expected to be completed on June 25th.

As we mentioned earlier, Behold II will not be getting past 1.6, to shock and outrage of numerous device owners, and this week will be the last (if not the only) highlight of Behold's about to be slow and boring life.

The bad news is: lots of you are unhappy, some to the point that you vouch never to touch Samsung products again.

The good news is… there is always the hacking community. Then some more bad news - it's not likely that the community will ever figure out (or care enough to figure out) a 2.1 update.

Android 1.6 - What's New For Behold II?

But while we are at it, what's coming in the 1.6 update after all? Here is the list provided by an earlier T-Mo announcement:

  • Access to Google Maps Navigation - this is probably the most significant part of the update
  • Google Voice Search capability - also a killer feature, though this doesn't add the voice button everywhere - that's only in 2.1
  • Quick search box for Android
  • Swype keyboard - ORLY? Swype is already freely available now.
  • Media player improvements
  • Updated core Android applications
  • Improved Bluetooth capabilities
  • Additional usability updates/fixes

The new announcement, posted yesterday, clarifies the bug fixes and provides the timeline:

The Samsung Behold II Update has started


06-22-2010 01:30 PM

Hello Samsung Behold II Users,

In partnership with Samsung, T-Mobile has completed the software build for updating the Behold II to Android 1.6.

The deployment of this software has begun and will occur each night from 11pm to 6am PST, from June 21st to June 25th.  The deployment may extend a little longer depending on network capacity, however no issues are expected.

In addition to the previously announced updates, there are several bug fixes included, resolving key issues that were provided via your feedback.  Some of these resolved issues include:

  • Unable to search contacts by last name.
  • LCD flickering/static when unlocking the device.
  • Memory card issues, including:  “Erased” or blank cards, and the “Unsupported File System” error notice when accessing the memory card.

Please keep the following in mind when waiting to receive and subsequently installing the update:

  • To receive the update:
    • The device cannot be “rooted”.
    • The device must still be running the TouchWiz interface (programs such as “aHome” bypass TouchWiz).
    • The device must have received the first software update release.

    After receiving the update, ensure the device is charged to at least 50%.  The install will not begin before sufficient charge is reached.

For information on what the update includes, check here.

Moderator, T-Mobile Forums

What say you, Behold II users? Are you not the least bit satisfied? This update was still pretty sweet - admit it. Admit it, and then move on to something that can actually play Flash.

Source: t-mo forums