Samsung Galaxy S comes with 4 absolutely stunning live wallpapers, exclusive to Samsung. User persiansown from xda forums was able to port all of them to his Nexus One, and I don't see anything technically stopping any other phone supporting live wallpapers from using them too - EVO 4G was already also confirmed working.

There is only one caveat - you have to be rooted and flash the provided .zip file from recovery.

For more information on root, head over here. This tutorial will show you how to install ROM Manager, which will enable you to flash a custom recovery, in order to use these livepapers.

Samsung Galaxy S Live Wallpapers

The live wallpapers are:

  • Aurora
  • Blue Sea
  • Dandelion
  • Ocean Wave

Watch this video and experience the jaw-dropping awesomeness:


Go grab the live wallpapers right here, then put the zip file on your SD card, reboot into recovery, and apply the zip you'd just downloaded.

The link in the post expired, but I was able to recover the file and upload it to our own Android Police mirror here.

I did a quick port of the Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) LWPs. They all work decently well, but the ocean one slows down the phone a little bit. I think this can be attributed to the stronger GPU in the Galaxy S.

My personal favorite is dandelion and that works very well.

They've been tested on Froyo (FRF72) and CM 5.0.8. I can't vouch for anything else.

Download Link:


Source: xda forums