In preparation for the Droid 2 and Droid X launch, Verizon has put out its first commercial, in the best Droid traditions, complete with the "Droid" sound at the end.

Did you even notice how much information this video just provided? Besides the flashing X symbol, pointing at the model being advertised, can you spot all the other easter eggs? Switch to full screen and up the video quality to 480p to see the details better.

For the impatient ones, the list comes after the break. But don't spoil the surprise - watch the video first.

First Motorola Droid X Commercial Shows Up, Contains Lots Of Easter Eggs - Can You Find Them All?

Here are the easter eggs, courtesy of KerrickLong:

0:02 - Droid Landing
0:03 - 4.3" WVGA Screen
0:04 - Buddy or Friend icons
0:05 - Droid logo
0:06 - HDMI Output
0:07 - 8MP Camera

The "Droid Landing" part, as AndroidGuys found out, actually points to a twitter account @DroidLanding which, as you can imagine, will be the driving PR force behind these phones.

Very cool stuff - now let's see those phones launch with Froyo? Does the Droid do that, Verizon?