EVO 4G users, rejoice! As of a few minutes ago, you can enjoy unlimited free WiFi/Bluetooth tethering using the Wireless Tether for Root users (or simply android-wifi-tether) app.

The app's main committer Harald Mue, who doesn't even have the EVO in his possession, together with a community contributor Andrew Robinson (who does have one) have figured out what was going wrong with the EVO compared to other phones and together collaborated on a fix all within 2 days of finding the problem

Hey, wait a minute, wasn't the EVO released the same 2 days ago? Community dedication never ceases to amaze me.

This is the change that did it by the way:

Rooted EVO 4G Users Can Now Enjoy Unlimited Free WiFi/Bluetooth Tether (Hotspot) As Android-wifi-tether App Adds Support For EVO


The only prerequisite is, as always, a rooted EVO. You can read about what root means here and get your EVO rooted in one click by following instructions here. Really, there has never been a simpler way to root - you'll be done in 5 seconds.


Update 6/6/10: android-wifi-tether does not yet work in infrastructure mode, i.e. your devices have to be capable of joining an ad-hoc network. Android devices cannot as of right now, so your other mobile phone may not be able to do so. Try a laptop or an iCrap.

Update 6/11/10: Infrastructure mode and WPA2 are now supported by the latest release!

After you've rooted, head over to android-wifi-tether's download page and download a version that is at least 2.0.2.pre14 - this is where EVO support is introduced. You can do this right on your phone by going to the above url and downloading and installing the right .apk file.

Sprint's WiFi Hotspot

Update 6/11/10: Infrastructure mode and WPA2 are now supported by the latest release!

Sprint offers its own version of the WiFi app, which supports stronger encryption (WPA/WPA2), while android-wifi-tether only supports a weak WEP. However, Sprint's hotspot app costs $30 a month while android-wifi-tether is free. You're paying Sprint $10 "premium data" per month already, so why not really take advantage of it? I've been using it on my Hero for months, and it's probably the most useful app on the market, hands down.

While being concerned about WEP, I also use a whitelist capability of android-wifi-tether, which only lets through my pre-approved WiFi MAC addresses. While there is a way to get around that too, chances are the dude on the train next to you will not get a chance to do it (really, it'd be quite complicated).

Now, there may still be bugs, but I and many other users confirmed the new pre14 release to be working. Download yours, test it out, and report back please.