Well it seems the huge outcry over Gameloft's DRM policy has not fallen on deaf ears as they have announced a change to their DRM policy. The change states that users are now allowed to re-download games purchased through their website, thought this may take some time to implement.

Here is a quote of the official announcement:

We’d like to announce you[sic] that policy regarding Android HD+ games sold through our own store is currently changed to allow you to re-download a game that you paid for.

Unfortunately this change will take a bit of time but rest assured we will announce once it is live.

Thank you for your patience.

The question is, does it make a difference now that they have decided to go this route? Even though their games are still not available on the Android market which, for a lot of people, would be much more convenient for purchases than their website, this move to change the DRM policy is a step in the right direction. These games are all available on the App Store for the iPhone/iPad, so why not the Android market as well? It’s especially confusing when you consider how many powerful phones are coming out that can run their games.

Previous DRM Policy

In case you’re unaware, Gameloft’s original DRM policy stated that there would be no re-downloading of games purchased through their website for any Android device regardless of the reason. What this meant was that if you upgrade your phone to a newer Android device or receive a wipe through an official Android update (which happens from time to time), you would not be able to re-install the games you have purchased. Instead you would be required to buy the game all over again.

This created a huge backlash from Android users who are used to being able to re-install any game they have purchased through the Android market, and rightfully so. Android is about choice and having the choice to uninstall something and re-install it later is a huge part of the Android market. Gameloft decided that their new 3D games would be better off being sold through their own storefront on their site and with that, implemented this DRM policy.

While it’s still an inconvenience to purchase games from their site, at least they’ve eased up on their DRM policy. Gameloft stated that it will take some time to implement this feature but haven’t given a time line of any sort for the change. Hopefully this happens sooner than later and perhaps we will even see the games on the Android market. Gameloft currently offers 10 3D games through their website for Android users to purchase, 9 of which are not available on the market: H.A.W.X., NOVA, Dungeon Hunter, Assassin’s Creed: Altairs Chronicles, Gangstar: West Coast Hustle, Hero of Sparta, Let’s Golf, Modern Combat: Sandstorm and Real Football 2010.

Source: Dave Loft via Phandroid