With so many Twitter clients available for Android, it’s hard to decide which one best suits you. Although I don’t think that there’s a ‘best’ Twitter app on Android, because different applications excel in different areas, I’ve selected five of, what I believe to be, the best clients available right now. Each app is available on the Market for free, with some offering ‘Pro’ versions too.


Touiteur (Free, Pro Version Available for €1,99)

If you manage to spell it correctly when searching in the Market (which I failed to do several times), Touiteur is well worth taking a look at. Made by the same team that develops Beautiful Widgets, it looks great and is really easy to navigate. You can find your way around the app by using the tabs at the bottom, which are easily accessible although a little small if you have large hands. If you want to write a tweet, you can simply drag down the bar at the top of the app, like you would when using the notification bar, and the keyboard will appear too.


touiteur android home  touiteur android mentions


The free version of Touiteur comes with a good set of features, but nothing that sets it apart from the competition. The main advantage of Touiteur is the interface, which is really well designed. If you opt for the pro version, which you should, you’ll be able to manage multiple accounts, customize the app with themes and view tweets from the included widget. Unfortunately, there’s no support for geotagging, a feature available in numerous other Twitter apps.


touiteur android tweet touiteur android more


Seesmic (Free)

Available from the Market for free, Seesmic includes some features that aren’t available in the free version of Touiteur, such as support for multiple accounts and goetagging. Although the interface is a lot simpler than some other Twitter apps on Android, all of the features are easily accessible, with larger tabs at the top of the screen making it easy to get around without tapping on the wrong thing!


seesmic android profile seesmic android replies


With its simple interface, Seesmic is a great application for those that want to share and view tweets without worrying about more complex features. I found that it did what I wanted it to do without any problems, and over all was pretty satisfied with the experience.

seesmic android tweet seesmic android timeline


Tweetcaster (Free, Pro Version Available for $4.99)

Again available for free in the Market, Tweetcaster offers a unique user interface and great functionality to match. I was surprised by the quirky interface which made it straightforward to navigate around the app. You can set up multiple accounts, choose from a number of themes and use geotagging when you tweet. The great thing about Tweetcaster is that the free version has the exact same functionality as the ‘Pro’ version, so if you don’t mind seeing a small ad banner at the bottom of your screen, you can save yourself $4.99.


tweetcaster android timeline tweetcaster android mentions

Unfortunately, there’s no widget available with Tweetcaster, which I would have liked to see, although it’s definitely one of the best free clients available for Android at the moment. Packed with features ranging from GPS to support for themes, it should definitely be on your list of apps to try out.


tweetcaster android  tweet tweetcaster android trends


Twidroid (Free, Pro Version Available for €3,39)

Unlike Tweetcaster, the free version of Twidroid is missing some key features many users require in a client. Features such as geotagging and lists are available, but there’s no support for multiple accounts or themes. The features that are available in the free version of Twidroid are easily accessible via the series of icons at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to navigate between tabs effortlessly.


twidroid android timeline  twidroid android tweet


Fortunately, the ‘Pro’ version of Twidroid offers everything anyone could want in a Twitter application, providing an abundance of features such as multiple account support, themes, an included widget and even an in-app browser. If you consider yourself a Twitter power-user, paying €3,39 for the Pro version is a no brainer.


twidroid android mentions twidroid android search


Twitter (Free)

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the official Twitter application for Android. When I used the Twitter app for the first time, it was a breath of fresh air. The home screen of the app makes the other clients look cluttered and inaccessible. You can watch trending topics appear at the bottom of the screen, and choose from six main features via large icons, as opposed to small tabs found in other apps. The major selling point of the official client is its integration with other services in Android. You can link Twitter accounts that you follow to your contacts, so you can see at a glance what your friends have been tweeting recently.


twitter android home twitter android timeline


Despite the incredibly well designed user interface, Twitter doesn’t offer as many features as some other apps available on the Market, such as Twidroid Pro. There’s no multiple account support, although you can, however, easily search tweets, select trending topics from the home screen and take advantage of geotagging capabilities all from a simple interface. This makes the official Twitter application a great choice for a user looking for basic functionality in a nice package.


twitter android tweet empty twitter android tweet

What do you think? Did we skip your favorite Twitter app for Android? Leave your thoughts in the comments!