This article mentions rooting and the flashing of non-stock roms. If you’re unfamiliar with either term, hit up our primers here and here for additional information

I’m not sure what Google was expecting, but when you give a phone out to a room of hackers, chances are the phones going to be hacked. First, we saw the EVO get rooted shortly after I/O and now it seems Froyo has been ported over as well. All this before the phone’s even hit the store shelves.

The details haven’t been publicly released yet as hacker ‘toastcfh’ over at the XDA-Developers forums continues to refine the process to ensure it’s easy enough for most people to perform. The EVO will have to be rooted before Froyo can be flashed, and it’s unclear what, if any, issues are present in Froyo while it’s running on the EVO.

He did give details on what runs once the phone’s rooted:

  • SU (linux superuser/root) permissions
  • Ability to run a custom recovery (important for flashing non-stock images)
  • Ability to write to partitions (important for modifying system files on the phone that are otherwise restricted)
  • Ability to flash signed and unsigned zips (this is somewhat related to the custom recovery mention above)

There’s also a brief video showing Froyo running on the EVO:

Overall, this is very cool stuff, and it’s great news for users that are switching from a phone that’s already been rooted to the as of yet unreleased EVO 4G.

Anyone pre-order the EVO 4G? Will you be rooting the phone as soon as you get it home? (Like I did with my Nexus One ;) )

Source: XDA-Developers

Via: Engadget