Skeptic hats on for this one, folks. The gents over at Phonedog are reporting that they have inside information on an upcoming HTC Android phone slated to hit AT&T, dubbed the Aria.


Details are sparse, but the phone will supposedly be running HTC’s SenseUI skin and be powered by Android 2.1 which is a bit of a bummer, though HTC has previously announced that all phones launched this year should receive an update to 2.2, so that’s promising.

It’s been speculated that the phone is the HTC PC70110, which passed through the FCC in late April with AT&T 3G bands. There’s not a ton of information released in the FCC filing, but they do have a few pictures of the device, including the one shown above.

Apparently the phone is set to be unveiled during an AT&T event on June 7th, though I find that to be a bit hard to swallow. June 7th is the same day that Apple is having their WWDC keynote, so it’d be a bit unusual for AT&T to host an Android event the same day, especially considering how buddy-buddy they are with Apple.

None the less, the phone is still rumored to hit AT&T at some point, and we all know that AT&T really needs to add some excitement to their existing Android line-up. 

Source: Phonedog