Although it’s been almost a month since the Droid Incredible made its debut, many people are still waiting for their new phone to arrive amid a plethora of delays.

Verizon’s CEO, Lowell McAdam, has said that the delay is due to higher than expected demand for the device, after being sold out just hours after release on Verizon’s web store.

The main cause of the delay is the AMOLED display, which is produced by Samsung. McAdam said that Samsung have increased production of the display, and demand should be met within 30 to 60 days.

droid incredible verizon shipping

With Samsung’s AMOLED display in high demand, manufacturers may have to contend with similar supply shortages for quite some time, as more high end smartphones hit the market.

Customers purchasing the phone on Verizon’s website are told that the Incredible will be shipped by June 16th, so those of you that have already ordered the device shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Source: FierceWireless via Engadget