Time for another game of ‘Shop job or Shadow: Gizmodo’s received a picture from someone claiming that they found the upcoming Motorola Shadow on the floor at a Verizon corporate gym.


According to the tipster they had enough time to confirm most of the rumored specs of the phone before it was remotely locked down, though suspiciously, they only had enough time to snap one picture.

Engadget notes that the angle of the picture is uncannily similar to that of the leaked ‘Getting Started’ manual that we’ve covered earlier.

The tipster ‘confirmed’ the following specs:

  • 8MP camera
  • 4.3” screen
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • Snapdragon CPU
  • HDMI port

Again, take the above information, or at least the new information (Snapdragon CPU/16 GB internal storage) with a grain of salt. If these specs are in fact true, this will turn out to be a pretty decent handset, and with a QWERTY keyboard to boot.

Source: Gizmodo