The New York Times has recently released an application for Android, and it looks great!

Appearing on the Android Market following releases on both the iPhone and WebOS platforms, the NYT application looks extremely similar to its iPhone counterpart. You can access news from an abundance of sections via a drop down menu, similar to how you’d pull down the notification bar.

nyt sections

The interface is extremely simple, and easy to navigate. You can select from a list of articles within each section, and view not only the article, but also any media associated with the article as well, such as photos and videos.

nyt articles nyt article

Other features include the ability to change the size of the text (you can choose between Small, Medium, Large and Huge) and share the article that you’re currently reading, be it on Facebook, Twitter or by SMS.

nyt font size nyt sharing

If you’re a fan of widgets, the you’re in luck, as the app packs a pretty decent one. I’m excited to see that more and more developers are including widgets with their apps off the bat rather than throwing it in as an after thought.

nytwidg2 nywidg1

I was glad to see that the developers of the New York Times application didn’t leave any key features out of the Android version, as is so often the case with apps being ported from other platforms such as the iPhone. You can download the app for free from the Market, or scan the QR code below.

nyt qr