The mad scientists over at the iPhone Dev-Team have done it again! Planetbeing, the dev who brought us the Youtube video of the original iPhone running Android, has just posted another, showing off Android running on Apple’s iPhone 3G.

Since the project is still in development, not everything is working at this point, most notably audio, but it seems like the majority of the features are intact, including multi-touch, WiFi, and the baseband, which is required for the call and text messaging functions.

As you’ll notice in the video, there’s still one major issue that’s keeping this from being a killer app: the buttons. Since the iPhone lacks the full set of Android hardware buttons that the operating system assumes are there, you’re forced to use the volume rockers in addition the power and home buttons in order to navigate through out the operating system. Not to worry though – if you’re unhappy with Android on your iPhone 3G, a simple reboot will allow to jump back into the iPhone OS.

I’d really like to see this hit the iPad and the iPhone 3GS. I know that, as an Android fanboy, I’m supposed to shun anything that Cupertino puts out, but you can’t deny that the hardware is pretty sexy. Would you say no to an Android powered iPad running Flash?

Unfortunately the code hasn’t been released just yet, but Planetbeing promises that it should be available to the public shortly.

Source: Youtube

Via: Boy Genius Report