You know the drama with the XPERIA X10 multitouch support? The one where it was supposedly possible, then not, then possible again, then refuted for good?

X10 Mini/Mini Pro Multitouch

Well, the recently announced little brothers of the X10 - the Mini and the Mini Pro, will not be getting multitouch either, as confirmed by the official Sony Ericsson blog.

Single handed operation seems to be the theme throughout their whole post, insisting that even though the users clearly want multitouch, the devices are better without it (who are the users to dictate what's better, eh?):

I noted some of your comments asking for the multi touch support. Having shared our personal experiences using the new UI within our team, we just love it the way it is and think that multi-touch would actually just destroy the simplicity of using these products.

Timo, the official Sony Ericsson blogger, then goes on to confirm pretty adamantly that the SE team has no intention of implementing multitouch on these devices at all:

To avoid any speculation I can confirm that we do not have any intention to implement multi touch on X10 mini and X10 mini pro.

One Hand Touch

The experiences of "one hand touch" that led the Sony Ericsson team to believe (or pretend to believe due to possible hardware limitations) that multitouch is not necessary on the Mini and the Mini Pro are described in this extremely choppy video that is quite frankly just frustrating to watch with sound on:

Listen to your users, Sony Ericsson - you have not reached Steve Jobs' status and level of ingeniousness to blindly dismiss features as important as multitouch.