About 40 minutes ago, Motorola posted a message to its Motorola Europe Facebook group announcing the launch of the Android 2.1 update in the UK for the Motorola Milestone (known as the Droid to the US users).

The update is not OTA is now available both OTA (over the air) and by executing a .exe file which seems to require a Windows computer and a MicroUSB Data cable (non-Windows users are out of luck?). Here is all you need to know:

Motorola Milestone UK Android 2.1 update

The update brings, among other things:

  • Animated (live) Wallpapers - this additional wallpaper option enables you to select from a number of wallpapers that can move on your home screen<s>. A selection of animated wallpapers are bundled with the software upgrade – further wallpapers are available on the Android Market.
  • Up to 9 (!) home screens - the number of home screens you can have now also just got bigger – you can choose to have 3, 5, 7, or even 9 home screens – plenty of space for all your widgets and icons.
  • Speech-to-text
  • Facebook App and Widget - A Free Facebook App and Widget is included in this upgrade. The Application enables contact importation including Names, Profile Pics and Status into your phones’ contacts. The Widget can be place on one of your home screens to stream live updates from your Facebook account.
  • Google Maps Updates - Personalized suggestions: Google Maps on your Android device suggests (autocompletes) locations based on your personal search history on maps.google.com.
    Sync with desktop: synchronizes starred items between Google Maps on your Android device and maps.google.com. Sync and personalized features require a user to be logged in to myGoogle account while on maps.google.com
    Multi touch is now also enabled within Google Maps.
  • Bluetooth support: support for Bluetooth headset multi function for initiating voice calls
  • Security: Prevents unauthorized pattern lock bypass, allows for PIN security and local device wipe following PIN error input
  • Music Player: Album art 3D gallery view supported in landscape orientation
  • Battery life: ongoing battery life optimization
  • Email account removal: Improvements to manual removal of email accounts