Corporate press releases are usually pretty boring. Corporate press releases about quarterly earnings? Well, they’re a one way ticket to snoozeville for sure, but every now and then you glean a little nugget of information that rewards you for slogging through the PR babble. In this case, Sprint’s 4G partner Clear has let slip that we can expect both HTC and Samsung to release Android powered handsets with Wi-Max on board by the end of this year.

Seeing as how this is a press release put out by Clear’s corporate office, it’s pretty hard to doubt its veracity. There aren’t many details on the offerings other than they’re both going to be equipped with 3G/4G and WiFi and that the Samsung phone will be ‘optimized for heavy video and video communications use’. Check out the full snippet yourself:

The Company also expects to launch two WiMAX smartphones by the end of 2010. From Samsung, an Android-based 3G/4G/WiFi device optimized for heavy video and video communications use, and a 3G/4G/WiFi enabled phone from HTC.

That line’s a bit tricky though: so far, Sprint has really been touting the video and video communications playback that the Evo 4G will be offering, yet instead they highlight those features for the Samsung phone and simply mention that HTC will be releasing a 4G phone as well.

Does this mean that we can expect HTC to release a second Wi-Max handset this year, in addition to the Evo 4G? Or am I simply reading too much into it? Leave your interpretation in the comments!