damageless and TrevE, the developers behind the DamageControl ROM which brings Android 2.1 to Sprint HTC Hero CDMA, have been silently working on a new version of the ROM for the last few weeks.

DamageControl 2.08

Yesterday night, the world saw the newly updated ROM v2.08 finally go live with the following changelog:

    Changelog v2.08:
  • New DConfig tweaker tool
  • Theme Server
  • New beefed up apps2sd. If any errors are encountered post /data/dcboot.log
  • Scheduler tweaks
  • Working Friendsync
  • Gallery3d fully working
  • Newer XDA keyboard
  • Fixed sprint NFL
  • Optimized Even more/Cleaned up directories
  • Connection tweaks
  • Fixed Facebook sync
  • Ring delay fixes
  • More dalvik tweaks
  • Potential audio fix & battery life fix

**First boot will take awhile if upgrading. Clears dalvik & fixes uids

If facebook sync doesn't show up in friendstream in friendstream press menu, settings, accounts & sync, facebook for htc sense & turn on sync live feed.

DamageControl 2.08 DamageControl 2.08 

This is a very impressive release and we, Hero owners, thank damageless for all his incredible work.

The update does take a long time to install, so be patient. If it still doesn't work, you may need to do a wipe and a clean install (I probably have to do this because it never flashes correctly and gets stuck at the load screen forever).

I'm not sure what kind of tweaks can be done with the DConfig tool or what a Theme Server is exactly, as I haven't been able to do a successful upgrade from 2.07.2 yet.

Update: I found the source of the problem - the ROM Manager's current Clockwork recovery image v is bad and hangs when rebooting into recovery. Either downgrade it or upgrade it to an experimental version which boots OK. After I updated the recovery image, the upgrade went through OK.

DamageControl 2.08 DamageControl 2.08

The Next Version?

Having just released 2.08, damageless and TrevE already started teasing us with what they have planned for the next version:

DamageControl 2.08

Looking forward to that!