Guys, we have incredible news (didn't expect me to start this post so originally, did you?).

Update: is currently sold out of the Incredible but you can still get it from Wirefly.

Buy It With A Discount

Starting immediately,, one of the biggest online mobile phone retailers, is opening up the sale of the HTC Droid Incredible for a low, low price of … well, unfortunately we can't tell you due to certain restrictions but here what we can tell you:

  • It's low.
  • It's lower than Verizon's.
  • It's lower than Best Buy's.
  • It's instant - no rebates.
  • It includes free shipping.
  • It applies to both upgrades and new contracts.

If you like saving money, what are you still doing here?

Here is how to get the Incredible at this price

  1. Go to
  2. Clickity click on the big banner that says "Droid Incredible"
  3. Enter your zip code
  4. Click on the "Price too low to show" link
  5. Admire the new price
  6. Admire some more
  7. Buy this bad boy
  8. Relax and enjoy the $%&.#! you just saved

HTC Droid Incredible


Here are some extra Incredible references to quickly get up to speed with the device: