2 weeks ago on April 14th we saw the newest e-reader - Alex by Spring Design - finally go on sale, and now 2 weeks later, it is finally rooted. If you are wondering what rooting means, head over here, and then come back and read the rest.

The hacker by the name of Bluebrain from AndroidForums.com posted a message on the forum on Sunday showing his Alex running a shell as root (via the su binary, as usual).

Here are the rooting steps:

  1. Download update.zip (view the post for an updated link if this one dies).
  2. Copy it to the root folder of your Alex's SD card.
  3. Power down.
  4. Press and hold simultaneously the "back" and "next page" button.
    Hint: the "back" button is the lower one on the left side, not the "page back"-button!
  5. While keeping pressed the 2 buttons, press and hold the power button.
    Keep pressing these 3 buttons until the Alex logo appears on the screen.
    Release the power button.
  6. You will enter recovery mode. Release all buttons.
  7. press back + power button to apply the update.zip.
    Hold on, until it's finished.

You are done! Enjoy full root access!

That wasn't too bad at all - pretty straightforward instructions. The details of the root method are not clear at the moment and are pending Bluebrain's clarifications.

Now that the eReader is rooted, it is interesting to see what kind of apps, useful and pertinent to such an e-reader device, the community is going to come up with.

You can see a roundup that I compiled of Alex vs other eReaders right here.

Alex eReader rooted

Alex eReader rooted