Espresso UI

If you haven't heard yet, HTC has been developing a new flavor of its own flavor of another flavor of Android called Espresso.

Espresso is an interface built on top of HTC's flagship Sense UI and is expected to make its first appearance in the wild on the upcoming T-Mobile myTouch Slide. We covered the phone and the UI when both of them leaked online.

Espresso Build Leaked Online

Yesterday, GamerCore from got his hands on an Espresso build leaked by Binary100100 from xda-forums and loaded it onto his G1 after zachattack052 and Domenuk ported it to the myTouch/G1.

In his video, Chris (GamerCore's real name) points out that the UI is really fast - the fastest he'd ever seen on a G1. He also goes through a bunch of apps T-Mobile seems to think we need, most of them useless.

Overall, this ROM on the G1 is faster than ANY other 2.1 Sense UI ROMs I have tried. It’s crazy. Especially given the fact the myTouch Slide is much more powerful than the G1. This Sense UI is a little different than tradition Sense in that it’s technically a new version called Espresso. You can see some of the graphical changes such as the bubbles around the apps. Again, I can see what HTC was going for with this and trying to get a more uniform look to the app icons.

Either you love it, or hate it. I personally don’t mind it at all.

Check out the 2-part video (Youtube is still only allowing videos up to 10 minutes in length) below:

To me, the new UI looks like a really dumbed down, crappier looking version of Sense that makes Android look like a cheap knock-off. I don't like it a single bit and will most definitely not be rolling with the myTouch Slide because of that (and because of the EVO 4G, of course).