HTC Desire

HTC Desire didn't last long - it was rooted (see here for an explanation and benefits of having your Android phone rooted) today by @PaulOBrien, the founder of - a forum dedicated to rooting and customizing mobile devices, similar to

Paul, who had claimed he was confident he could root the Desire earlier this month, was away for about 2 weeks. His return today was accompanied by the following photo, clearly showing a program called Superuser Permissions present on his Desire:

HTC Desire rooted

While the root method is currently not yet available, Paul promised to post it by tomorrow, Wednesday, April 28th. If I were you, I would be watching the official Desire Root thread very carefully.

For those wondering about Apps2SD support, Paul mentioned that he did indeed have it working.

HTC Legend And Incredible

Separately from the already exciting news, Paul also claimed that the root method also worked for HTC Legend and, possibly, the Incredible.

One thing is for sure - tomorrow will be a very exciting day for these phone owners.