The Contest

Update 5/4/2010: The contest is now over! We've had 62 entries and 2 keys to give out, so the odds were pretty good. The winners have now been chosen at random - head over here to see them.

The first official Android Police contest is here!

To promote the site further, following our very successful first month on the net, we decided to give away 2x Starcraft 2 Beta keys which will let you download the most anticipated game of this year and play it on

You can preorder Starcraft on Amazon and get the beta key for free or participate in this contest.

Android Starcraft 2 contest

How To Win

The rules are simple.

We will give out 2x Starcraft 2 beta keys.

In order to win 1 of them, complete all of these steps:

  1. Follow @AndroidPolice on twitter (of course, you can also subscribe to the RSS in addition).
  2. Retweet the following message:

    Follow @AndroidPolice for your Android news/reviews and go to to win a Starcraft 2 Beta Key. #Starcraft2 #Android

  3. Leave a comment here and mention your favorite unit, feature, ability, and/or building that you are excited about or love the most.
    Don't feel constrained to just one though - if you got multiple favorites, don't feel shy and spill the beans.

The contest ends in 1 week, on Monday, May 3rd, at 11:59PM PST. The 2 winners will be chosen randomly, posted here, and notified via email/twitter.

SC2 Resources

Here are some useful Starcraft 2 links in order to get your started:

Are you excited?! I've been playing SC 2 Beta for a few days, and it's a massive amount of fun, for both diehard Starcraft fans and new players.

Let the contest begin!

Android Starcraft 2 contest Android Starcraft 2 contest

Android Starcraft 2 contest Android Starcraft 2 contest