I am not one to usually fall into the rumor mill and believe all the rumors that tend to circulate regarding anything Android related but this particular item seems very believable, especially considering it comes with some pretty realistic screenshots.

What am I referring to? I’m talking about one of the features so many people have been asking for since Android 1.5 was released - either automatic application updating or at least batch application update or both, and it looks like the former is on its way with the upcoming Android 2.2 update.

Even though rumors like these need to be taken with a grain of salt, it is kind of hard to discount the existence of pretty realistic looking photos.

Is This Real?

Judging by the pictures, either somebody is quite good at Photoshop or they made a fake UI, or these are real. And as Android 2.2 is currently being tested live right now, the existence of a 2.2 OS is not entirely unbelievable, especially considering that we expect it to be announced on May 19th at Google I/O.

Two things that do introduce doubt into my mind are the fact that out of all the phone models out there, the first leaked picture of one running Froyo ends up being a MyTouch 3G, especially considering it's still running Android 1.6 and the fact that the leak first appeared on 4Chan, also known as the Internet's crap bucket. Anything is possible though, if the leak indeed originated from inside Google.

We've been rooting for this auto-update feature since Android 1.5, and maybe Google has finally listened.


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Source: 4Chan via Phandroid