The date 4/20 is usually associated with things of mellow nature, and apparently some of Verizon’s employees or the shipping system itself seems to have been affected by it - a few lucky people who pre-ordered their HTC Incredibles got notices saying it would be delivered 4/20, and sure enough there are reports of these units being received.

What Is Going On?

It is a bit confusing as to what is actually happening right now in regards to the HTC Incredible. While some people put in their preorder and the actual release date is not until the 29th of April, they received order confirmations stating they would be receiving their new phones on either 4/20 or 4/21.

Allegedly, Verizon's over-the-phone preorder system is to blame as it marked some orders OK to ship, letting them go out early.

SoSmarmy over at AndroidForums was one of the lucky people to get his HTC Incredible early and was kind enough to post a video showing it off, to squelch anyone accusing him of being a troll.

Verizon's Statements

Here are some statements given to Androidforums members calling in Verizon's customer service about the whole ordeal:

Hi all, I just spoke to an online ordering customer service rep (1-800-711-7773) regarding the early shipping of phones, and they informed me that: (1) VZ is no longer taking orders over the phones, (2) phones ordered online won't starting leaving the warehouse until 4/27 for delivery on 4/29 and (3) people who "claim" to be receiving phones and/or shipping confirmation emails already are the result of a an over the phone order "screw up" and phone orders through a third party (hince the no longer accepting of phone orders). – Pooh434

Just got off the phone who said that the phone would ship tomorrow — but then she kept running into an error message. Couldn't figure it out and then she read "item not available until the 29th." Rats. – Misterdoop

Source: AndroidForums