Today has been absolutely nuts - first 3 new Android phones leaked from Dell. Then, another tablet, also from Dell.

And now we have this: a Canadian Linux hacker by the name of Planetbeing posted a 9 minute video of an iPhone 2G running Android. Yes, that is an Android 1.5 or 1.6 dual booted on an iPhone running the iPhone OS.

Planetbeing, being a smart cookie that he is, has ported Linux to run on iPhone hardware over a year ago. Since Android is a custom Linux distribution on its own, it was only a matter of time before Planetbeing figured out how to make this magic happen.

He currently has a debug version of the Android port working only on iPhone 2G but claims that it can most likely be forward ported to 3G and 3GS. There is no word currently whether iPod Touches would be supported but we have a feeling it is just as likely as the 3G or 3GS versions themselves.

It should be pretty simple to port forward to the iPhone 3G. The 3GS will take more work. Hopefully with all this groundwork laid out, we can make Android a real alternative or supplement for iPhone users. Maybe we can finally get Flash. ;)

Flash… on iPhone… running Android. Head explodes.

In its current incarnation, the ported Android has the physical volume buttons remapped to Call and Home, due to the obvious shortage of said physical buttons.

The whole experience is pretty smooth, as evident from the video, and gets a little sluggish only at a few places but since it's running on a 2G iPhone, we can discount the occasional jerkiness.

If this isn't the craziest thing you've heard today, then I would like to hear it, because nothing announced today can top this proverbial slap in Apple's face.