Another day, another Android tablet that aims to compete with Apple's iPad in one way or another.

Today we got word of a new Android device, designed by a famous Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni and manufactured by Promelit, which shows some of the finest curves we've so far seen on an Android tablet.

Don't be fooled by this photo-frame look-alike, dubbed AlessiTAB because it offers a lot more. Alessi can:

  • act as a regular TV, using its digital TV tuner
  • play videos off the Internet using its WiFi capabilities
  • access digital pictures (photo frame ftw!)
  • let you quickly see your Facebook and Twitter streams
  • browse the web, check mail

Alessi seems perfect for the kitchen where you would want to do some TV watching, some recipe searching, some emailing, and then leave it in picture frame mode when you're done.

The tablet comes with a stylish dock and promises 6 hours of battery life.

To satisfy all your kitchen gadget needs, Alessi, priced at €300 which is about $400, will be released in Europe in the September 2010 timeframe.

Here are some pictures and a video of what AlessiTAB is supposed to be all about:

AlessiTAB tablet

AlessiTAB tablet

AlessiTAB tablet