A supposedly trusted source told Engadget that Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X10 Android phone, which already got released in Canada on April 15th, would be coming to America under AT&T's wing this July or August.

The device, which is currently running Android 1.6, has a 4" screen, an 8MP camera, a beefy 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and Sony's own "Rachael" UI.

AT&T has the worst track record for crippling the only Android device that dared enter its network so far - the Motorola Backflip, most likely due to pressure from Apple. The Backflip cannot install non-market apps, has Yahoo as its search engine, runs an obsolete Android 1.5 OS, and is pretty much goes against all Android's open principles. We can only speculate on all the horrific things AT&T is going to do to the XPERIA, having gotten plenty of practice while neutering the Backflip.

In the meantime, while waiting (not really) for XPERIA Cripple(tm) to finally come out in the US, 8-9 months after getting announced, you might want to check out our summary of this device.

If reading is not your thing (what the heck are you doing here then?), you can view this video review by Slashgear instead:

Sony, do you have it in you to protect your baby and not give in to AT&T's conservatism? We will see in a few months.