The HTC Droid Incredible hasn't even come out yet but we've already seen plenty of videos of it in action.

This video shot at's headquarters, however, shows a 14 minute walkthrough by a man by the name of Manny who knows how to showcase the phone best. Why? Because he actually works for HTC and tells the story the way HTC itself wanted you to hear it.

In the video, Manny doesn't just jump around all over the place but instead starts the way a completely new customer would - by logging in. He then goes over the features that clearly set Android, and the Incredible specifically, apart from the competition, like showing how your favorite contacts are automatically populated from Google contacts and easily changing the wallpaper to a live one.

So if you have friends who are not really familiar with Android and if you had to pick one link to send to them, you may as well send them this one.

Oh, and even HTC can't abstain from saying "incredible" in their review ("incredibly easy to set up the Incredible") but we don't hate. It is, after all, an incredible little device.