Queue the sad trombone.

Remember that big stink about Flash not being out on Android (and other mobile platforms) until the second half of 2010? Well, it turns out it was much ado about nothing.

Apparently, when Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said:

We have a number of excited partners who are working aggressively with us to bring Flash to their devices whether they be smartphones, as well as handsets, and so companies like Google and RIM and Palm are going to be releasing Flash on smartphones and tablets in the second half of the year.

he was referring to Flash being pre-installed on phones at the factory.  According Serge Jespers, an Adobe evangelist, Flash should be available for after market consumption before the end of this quarter, and that you can expect to install it either via the Market, a carrier pushed OTA, or straight from Adobe’s website.

While consumers are sure to be happier knowing that their phone will soon be capable of running Farmville, I imagine that it’s the hardware manufactures that are breathing easier. A delay in the release of Flash had the potential to hamper the awe factor that currently released and upcoming Android tablets will need in order to really put up a fight against Apple. One of the largest gripes regarding the iPad is the lack of Flash, so if it can be implemented well enough in an Android tablet, it would be a huge coup for Apple’s rivals.

Considering the amount of negative press this generated for Adobe, I’m sure their CEO is feeling a bit like the gentleman who lost his prototype iPhone right about now.