Dell Streak 7 and 10

In addition to the already announced Dell Streak Mini-5 - a 5" tablet device, Engadget found out from a leaked memo today that the 7" and 10" versions are going to be coming as well. Dell seems to have dropped the "Mini" part of the title for these larger versions of the Streak.

Dell Streak 7 and 10

Looks like Dell has some sense after all - launching just a tiny 5" tablet would have left most consumers unsatisfied, prompting them to look for other options, such as an iPad or ICD Gemini.

The 5" version is said to come out late summer, the 7" one is rumored to launch in late 2010, while the 10" should hit the market in 2011.

That's quite a bit of a wait, considering the iPad, which has a 9.7" screen, is already available.

Dell Aero

Also in the same leak - the Dell Aero which is Dell's first Android phone with a 3.5" screen and a 5MP camera, is scheduled to be released to AT&T by June, narrowing down the earlier "this summer" projection.