A few moments ago, Cyanogen announced version 5.0.6 of his ROM for HTC Nexus One and Motorola Droid. This release contains a whole plethora of bug fixes and enhancements for the Nexus One and a few for the Droid.

The release follows the drama with Cyanogen and the Ultimate Droid ROM creator The BlackDroid, which you can read about here and here, which explains the note at the bottom of Cyanogen's announcement that reads

"PS: Expect Ultimate Droid v11 soon! :) :) :)"

Check out the full changelog here:


---- 5.0.6-Droid

* Fixed MMS Videos (PDR447, slayher, DroidMod all had a hand in this)

* Fixups to 4/5 column launcher

* Fixed ##program menu

* Fix fstab bug (DroidMod)

---- 5.0.6-N1

* Merged AOSP from Google as of 3/31/2010

* Ability to move installed applications between internal storage and SD (from Chris Soyars)

* Added libncurses, lsof, irssi, htop, bash, nano and powertop.

* Added option to disable USB Debugging notification.

* 5 column launcher drawer (from Kmobs and ChrisSoyars) - can be switched back to 4 column in Spare Parts

* Animated GIF support in the browser (info from Google)

* Updated translations from Eug89, RedVirus, and ThiasB

* Yahoo mail can be used over wifi (from [email protected])

* Kernel is now built from source and installed properly by the Android build system (from Android-X86, tweaked by Wes Garner and Chris Soyars)

* New camera features (antibanding, focus mode, jpeg quality) from CodeAurora

* Battery percentage meter fix from ChainsDD

* Fixed some bugs in Dropbear and added dropbear-keygen to generate host keys

* New ARM NEON optimizations for Bionic from ARM and 0xlab (http://0xlab.org - Jim Huang)

* Audio gain tweaks from Pershoot

* Kernel

* Launcher can auto-orientate now (enable in Spare Parts) - not really all that pretty but it works

* Fix the Google backup transport. If you are doing a no-wipe install, run "bmgr transport com.google.android.backup/.BackupTransportService" in a shell to get it enabled.

* More bugfixes from AOSP contributers (http://r.android.com)

* Sexied up Nexus LWP from WootRoot and jeagoss with more colors, background, and trackball lighting

* Added wireless-tools (iwconfig and friends) to the build

* Reverted bcm4329 wifi driver to older version

* Added option to set a system-wide http proxy server (this should really be a per-ssid setting though)

* Allow Bluetooth in airplane mode (needs settings db update if installing w/o wipe)

* Added some sounds back

* Added trackball-unlock option from Kmobs (this conflicts with the music skip option)

* Fix for the red/pink camera tint bug!! (from HTC/Google)

* Number keys work on the vk in the Terminal app again (from Jack Palevich's Google Code project)

* Added 5-minute screen timeout option

* Potential fixes in build.prop to improve 3G speed on N1 - YMMV.