Today the official Android fragmentation chart was finally updated by Google to show the most up-to-date breakdown of various versions of Android out in the wild. The data was collected from devices which accessed the Android Market between March 29th and April 12th.

Fragmentation of Android is my main concern for the future of the platform. With Google’s rapid release schedule, phone manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the latest versions and some new, low budget phones are being released with Android 1.5 or 1.6 instead of 2.1. Hopefully, this will be corrected in the next version of Android.

Android Fragmentation Stats - April 12, 2010


Android 1.6

As expected, Android 1.6 share dropped to 31.6% from almost 50% at the beginning of this year. This is due to a number of phones receiving OTA (over-the-air) updates from 1.6 to 2.1 as the year progresses.

Android 1.5

However, Android 1.5’s device percentage continued to climb at a similar rate to that of 2.1, increasing to 38%, which is 10% higher than it was in December 2009.

Why is an older OS still continuing to grow at the same rate as Android 2.1? Budget devices coming to the market, like the Motorola CLIQ, and existing popular devices, like the HTC Hero, are still running Cupcake in favor of newer releases.

Android 2.1

Most phone manufacturers vowed to finally upgrade the vast majority of their devices to 2.1 in Q2 and Q3 of 2010, so I am hoping that next time we see these stats, the 2.1 share, which has risen from 0% to 27.3%, will occupy the majority of the chart and "go all Pacman" on the other versions.

Android Fragmentation Stats - December 14, 2009

For comparison, here is the chart back from the 2 weeks ending December 14, 2009: