Motorola customers with Android phones rejoice! It looks like the bulk of you can expect to have Android 2.1 rolled out to your handsets by the Q3 of this year, unless, that is, you own the DEXT (the European Cliq) or, surprisingly, the Devour.

Not a whole lot of surprises here, but it’s nice to a see a carrier be so upfront with their release schedule rather than forcing their users to dredge through seedy internet forums in order to hear what someone’s cousin’s friend’s brother who works at a cell phone stand in the mall said about the next update being released.

Honestly, I’m surprised to see that the Cliq is getting updated before the Devour – I suppose that the Cliq has been around for a bit longer, so that probably worked in its favor, but the Devour had a pretty decent PR push that included Megan Fox in a bathtub. How can you say no to Megan Fox in a bathtub?

You can find the full schedule pictured below, and keep in mind that even though these come straight from Motorola, there’s always the chance that there will be delays.


Source: Motorola Support Forums