Most, if not all, Android phones on the market run exclusively on an ARM architecture and Intel wants a piece of the action.

On Tuesday (that is today), Intel announced that it had ported Android to run on its Atom CPU line. Intel calls Atom its smallest chip, built with the world's smallest transistors. Atom is aimed at portable devices and consumes only 1-2.5W of power.

To make things even more interesting, Renee James, general manager of IDF (Intel Developer Forum) in Beijing, said the company has plans to port *all* mobile operating systems, not just Android, to run on Atom CPUs.

Edit: Really - all mobile operating systems? Even the iPhone OS? Didn't think so, Renee. Direct quote though, guys - don't shoot the messenger!

That is surely a daring and disruptive announcement, if Intel can pull it off.

ARM has enjoyed a 98% exclusivity in the mobile device world (data as of 2007), and Intel is obviously seeing huge opportunities in the mobile space.

Some well-known ARM CPUs used in Android devices include NVIDIA's Tegra and Qualcomm's Snapdragon.

This is great news for pretty much everyone but the CPU manufacturers using the ARM architecture - Intel always brings extreme performance and tough competition wherever it goes - just ask AMD.

Only one question remains now - will it run Crysis?