Today seems to be the day of drama in the wonderful Android world that we live in. It’s no secret that people rip apps off the Android market and post them elsewhere for free. It’s also no surprise that with Open Source material, people base their apps/Roms off others' work and with that, you always give credit where credit is due.

However, a certain someone, named The BlackAndroid, over at DroidForums, would rather take people’s work, mod it and call it his own. Even better is that they he actually insulted the creator of the source he used, and this creator happened to be Cyanogen, a well respected and known ROM creator.

At least that is what the story is shaping up to be…


Details are still a bit all over the place but from what I have seen so far the story goes something like this:

  • The BlackAndroid makes the Ultimate Droid Rom from CyanogenMod’s source
  • Cyanogen seems fine with it until getting down talked on the DroidForums site.
  • Cyanogen makes an account, makes a post calling The BlackAndroid out and ends up gets banned and his post deleted. I did find a screenshot of it before it was deleted:


  • Droid Head Ryan, a rather well known Android nut, goes to DroidForums to defend Cyanogen and also gets banned.
  • Level Up Studios Tweets about The BlackAndroid about taking paid apps and including them in the Rom for free including Beautiful Widgets (read: stealing).


  • Somebody makes a giant post on DroidForums about Epic Boobs, referring to the site owners and BlackAndroid being said boobs. It gets deleted instantly. The lulz continue.
  • Mass accounts are made by very upset people and supporters of Cyanogen, more bans ensue. Here's one example:


Condoning Actions

This has all happened very quickly and, believe me, it’s hard to keep up with. It appears that the moderators like to use their abilities to delete posts and ban people who call others out which makes DroidForums look like they condone this sort of action. I understand doing this when it’s simple spam such as the boob post, but there are other legitimate posts about this being deleted.

However, Sam, one of the Super Moderators has now apparently stripped down all the ROMs and will be going through each one (probably with a team of people) to see whether Cyanogen is correct or not. He will also be looking into Level Up Studio's claim of ripped applications.

“OK everybody. Here's the deal. We are stripping down ROMs tonight. Then we will have answers for everyone. Truth? We'll see. I do not care, all I care about is the flaming. If you want to call someone out, expect a ban. Why? It is clutter we don't allow. BUT like I said, this will all be answered for sure tonight.”

I guess we will find that out tonight when they are done. I will be keeping tabs on the situation as it unfolds but I can safely say that Cyanogen has my full support.

Update: If you don’t already have it, you can follow CyanogenMod via his twitter account @cyanogen