The EVO 4G news is continuing to roll in, though I’m using the term ‘news’ loosely. Engadget is reporting today that Sprint’s upper management is talking about a potential June 6th or 13th launch date, with the 13th seeming more likely to get some hot 4G action.

Engadget is definitely one of the more trustworthy gadget blogs out there right now, but they can only peg this information on ‘intel’, so at this point it does not appear that anything is set in stone. When Sprint first announced the EVO 4G, they simply mentioned summer as the target release date which fits this report but I haven’t been able to find anything that has convinced me to remove my skeptic hat.

There is also speculation surrounding the potential price of the 4G plan add-on for the phone. 4G is definitely one of the major advantages of this phone over other Android phones, and even the iPhone, so it’s important that it is kept with in reach of the average consumer. A $10-20 price point was originally thrown around by Engadget as a possibility for monthly access to the 4G network, but they have since amended the post with another rumor saying that…

…the add-on fee will be for the 4G hotspot service alone, not 4G access from the EVO itself.

You may recall that Sprint is also touting the phone’s ability to be used as a 4G wifi hotspot for up to 8 separate devices and it’s looking like that ability may come at a premium.

I’m interested to see how quickly the Android hacking community will be able to ‘root’ the device, since doing so should allow this ability without the need to fork over any extra cash to Sprint.