Perpetual charging on the go for your Android phone might no longer be a distant dream, courtesy the new AirPower technology developed by RCA which sucks power from WiFi signals and constantly charges your phone's battery.

The RCA AirPower charger is expected to be available during this holiday season and would be a technological landmark for charging of portable devices such as cellphones (including your favorite Android phone), digital cameras, camcorders, music players, and other low power portable devices.

No More Dead Batteries

The RCA AirPower charger will aim to permanently free you from the hassles of plugging your phone into an AC jack.

At its core, a technology that literally makes delicious gadget juice out of thin air by absorbing the minuscule amounts of energy traveling with the WiFi signal.

At least that's the technical explanation. The other explanation - magic.

In the future, you would be able to simply leave your phone where you find a WiFi signal and off it goes charging. If you are on the move, your AirPower enabled devices will start charging themselves as soon as you pass through or linger in a hotspot.

However, let's not jump ahead of ourselves - the first products to use the AirPower technology will actually be portable chargers pictured below and not internal phone batteries. Carry them around with you and they will charge as soon as a WiFi signal passes by. RCA promises that plugging a gadget into one of these bad boys will charge it at the same rate a regular AC charger would.

RCA AirPower

It is interesting to note that RCA started developing this technology to serve as an emergency power source.

However, now that the massive business potential of this invention has sunk in, I am hoping to see it emerge as a front runner in the portable power battle. It is a boon for people like me who have a habit of misplacing their cellphone chargers every other day.

There's no official word by RCA on the working detail and pricing as of yet.

Keep an eye out for the RCA AirPower chargers for your mobile devices this holiday season!