Here are this week's podcasts dedicated to or regularly mentioning Android:

Android And Me Show

Episode 7 (03/24)

Android Central

CTIA Special (03/24)

Phil, Dieter and Kevin are at CTIA and discuss the mass amount of Android Awesomeness that was unleashed.

Episode 4 (03/26)

Recorded before all of the CTIA brouhaha, Phil is joined by Michael Manna of the T4 show to discuss all things Android, including whether to go with the Droid or Nexus One on Verizon.

Android Guys Podcast

No episode this week.

Buzz Out Loud Podcast

Episode 1189 (03/22)

Google and China's war heats up a bit. Amazon is apparently not going to war against the iPad. But the most compelling news of the day? Swipe to unlock existed long before Apple ever thought of it. It involved Aliens. And Predators. And self-destruction.

Episode 1190 (03/23)

Announcing our very first not-even-remotely sanctioned by the legal department video creation contest: make us an awesome video in which Steve Jobs and the Predator work out who has prior art on swipe-to-unlock. We will reward the awesomest video with a Buzz Out Loud ceramic travel mug. Oh, and Google turns off its filters in China ... briefly.

Episode 1191 (03/24)

On today's show, there's tech news, but there's also the new Sprint Evo 4G, and that's kind of all we can think about. Its big 4-inch screen, its two cameras, its kickstand. Sigh. It's my new boo. Also, though, some stuff about Google, the full text of ACTA is leaked, we have a winner in the Apple vs. Predator video contest, and holy crap, did you see that Evo?

Episode 1192 (03/25)

We accidentally besmirch the reputation of Danica Patrick, come up with some reasons why Bing might actually work (except for how it apparently means "disease" in Chinese), and take to task the millions of people who are still deliberately clicking on spam.

Episode 1193 (03/26)

Today's show opens with a not-unexpected rant about AT&T trying to sell you a $150 MicroCell to "supplement" the "coverage" you already pay for. A bit more on Google and China, Apple's unbelievably bizarre sandbox behavior in approving the otherwise super cool Line2 app, and cheap photos from space.

gdgt Weekly

Episode 77 (03/25)

It's CTIA week, which means we've got another mobile-heavy (well, actually more Android-heavy) show. Among the week's news, Sprint and HTC announced the first WiMAX phone: the Evo, while Samsung launched the Galaxy S, and Dell showed off the Aero (aka Mini 3i). Palm's stock took a huge tumble after a depressing earnings call, but we're looking forward to Google TV and the Nintendo 3DS, which we'll hopefully learn more about soon. Finally, Peter got a little hands-on time with the PlayStation Move, and we'll dig into motion-based gaming once more.

Phandroid Podcast

Episode 17 (03/26)

In addition to covering all the CTIA biggies like the HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy S and Dell Aero, we'll be joined by Door-6 CEO Jeremy Shafton. The company launched a contest for their game - Vacuum - that rewards players with CASH for top performances!

SprintUsers Podcast

Episode 4 (03/25)

This Week In Tech (TWiT)

Episode 241 (03/28)

Release of iPad imminent, French Twitter hacker, Walt Mossberg embargo dust-up, News Corp. paywalls, and more.

This Week In Google (TWiG)

Episode 35 (03/27)

This week on TWiG, discussion of Google's changes to it's services and policies in China.