Sprint has fired a shot at both AT&T and Apple in this recently released Sprint Overdrive 4G vs iPhone commercial, suggesting that an iPhone's bandwidth can be vastly improved by using a Sprint 4G WiMax router called Sprint Overdrive instead of the AT&T 3G network.

The ad is a bit cheesy but hey, it delivers the message. A carefree Matt actually goes on to eat an Apple (the ultimate pun) while showing off his 4G mobile hotspot that allows up to 5 people around him to connect to a 4G network using WiFi. Oh yeah, and his friend's name? You guessed it - Steve.

Here is the full text:

"Matt: Hi, I’m Matt. Here’s what I can do with 4G from Sprint. My friend Steve’s iPhone is cool, but it’s limited to AT&T’s 3G speeds, so I’m going to use the Overdrive 4G mobile hotspot to make it up to ten times faster. And while that’s happening, I’m going to enjoy this tasty snack [cheerfully eats an Apple].

Steve [connects to the newly set up Sprint 4G WiFi network on his iPhone]: Woah! Done!

Matt: What can you do with 4G?

Narrator: Whatever you do, do it up to 10 times faster than 3G, with 4G from Sprint. It’s more than a wireless network - it’s a wireless revolution."

As far as the actual product, the Sprint Overdrive has been received very well within both the blogging community and the users.

Engadget reviewed it in January and was able to reach speeds of 4mbps (500KB/s) downloading and 800kbps (100KB/s) uploading. Sprint Overdrive's own page on Sprint.com shows an astounding 4.9/5 average review rating - people love it.

The only problem for now is the limited availability of 4G - only a few major metropolitan markets support it. This, however, is going to change quickly - I believe 2010-11 will be the years of major 4G adoption.

And now, the commercial:


This is not the first time Sprint went after Apple - as TUAW points out, Sprint and Samsung threw the first punch at the iPhone way back in 2008 in this video: