It's amazing how far mobile CPUs have gone in just 6 months. Here we have a video, courtesy of IntoMobile, of the newly announced HTC EVO 4G, formerly Supersonic, absolutely effortlessly playing a 720P HD video of Prince of Persia: The Sand Of Time.

HD video is more CPU intensive than plain standard definition, but the 1GHz Snapdragon processor is barely breaking a sweat. For comparison, the HTC Hero with its 528MHz processor can barely play average quality videos, even ones it itself recorded, and stumbles every few seconds.

This Changes Everything

You are now (OK, fine, a few months from now) holding a device in the palm of your hand that replaces your DVD player, your Bluray player (95% of the people won't notice the difference between 720P and 1080P), and your media PC.

The first company that figures out HD video renting on mobile phones will suddenly find hundreds of millions of people in a brand new untapped market that had never existed before - the portable-HD-video-playing, everywhere-phone-carrying, entertainment-hungry mob.

And Apple, surprisingly, is already late in the game. The 3GS is capable of recording and playing 720P HD video but doesn't. Perhaps this time the name "iPhone killer" actually applies - EVO 4G and now the Samsung Galaxy S can both play HD, and "you ain't seen nothing yet" - after all, this was only day 1 of the CTIA Wireless 2010 mobile conference. Apple may have been enjoying years of advances in software (which are now long gone) but hardware manufacturers have not been standing still.

Unless Apple releases the 4G iPhone in the next few months, even the cowardly lawsuits will not be able to save it.

Oh, and here is the promised video: