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[The Android Police Podcast] Episode 4: Bluestacks, Yakjus And Tweener Spots

The Android Police Podcast is back for another week of... whatever it is we do. Let's get down to it, this week's topics are:

  • Carrier 411
  • Rumor Roundup
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    [The Android Police Podcast] Episode 3: Like Grand Theft Auto, Classy Edition

    The Android Police Podcast is back - and this week's episode is one you won't want to miss. Unless you really want to miss it, in which case, It's OK, we'll forgive you. But just this once.

    Down to business, this week's topics (with links for your convenience).

    Android Police Podcast Episode 3 Breakdown

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    [The Android Police Podcast] Episode 2: Wanna Tablet While I Taxi

    Welcome back to another week of the Android Police podcast. This is our second episode, and there are a lot of voices you'll be hearing, so let's figure out who's who. This week on the show, our guests include (aside from regular hosts Matt, Bob, and David):

    • Artem Russakovskii (Founder of Android Police)
    • Eric Ravenscraft
    • Cameron Summerson

    If you're having a hard time telling who is speaking, don't worry - we're working on it (thanks to all those who noted this on the first episode).

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    [Introducing: The Android Police Podcast] Pilot Episode #1: Wherever You Go, We'll Be There

    No, you didn't miss the memo - Android Police has been working, in secret (well, kind of secret), for nearly 2 months to bring you our first-ever podcast series. And we're calling it... The Android Police Podcast. Clever, I know. We've been diligently crafting it to make sure we get this right, and our first release episode is now ready for your listening pleasure (at least we hope it's pleasurable).

    Seeing as this is our very first episode, we're especially interested in your feedback.

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