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Back in September, the four major US carriers started launching their own LTE variants of Samsung's flagship Galaxy Tab S line. While they all offer the 10.5-inch incarnation for sale, only AT&T brought the 8.4-inch variant to market. What was interesting about this was that Verizon also had an 8.4 model (SM-T707V) in the pipeline. It passed through the FCC, but for whatever reason, it was never launched.

Fast forward to December 1, XDA user docchaos found a non-corporate Verizon Wireless authorized retailer who was offering the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE for $99 on contract if you bundled it with the purchase of a new phone.

Last Updated: January 12th, 2015

Good news, owners of the AT&T variants of the Galaxy Mega 2 and Galaxy Tab S 8.4: your Samsung gadgets are getting a software update! Bad news, same people: you're probably not going to notice or care about the things contained within. The Galaxy Mega 2 gets "user interface enhancements" and the addition of the AT&T Messages Backup Service, and the Tab S only gets "revised link management handling in Calendar." Try to contain your enthusiasm.


In the market for a new high-end Samsung gadget? Then you're also eligible for some free streaming video and music. In the latest round of Samsung perks, the manufacturer is giving away a year of free access to both Netflix and the premium version of its own Milk Music service. You can get in on the new deal by purchasing a new Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Tab S tablet (in any size or capacity, including carrier versions), or a Samsung 4K television.


The AT&T crapware on the carrier's LTE-equipped Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is playing a game of musical chairs today. An OTA update rolling out to the device moves around some icons and basically just does weird stuff, but leaves it on Android 4.4.2.


Half a year after the Wi-Fi version of the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 hit store shelves, T-Mobile is ready to offer its customers an LTE-equipped model for use out of the range or a router. The tablet will go on sale online and in stores on December 10th.

Customers can hand over $27.08 a month for two years or walk out fully owning the gadget for $649.92. Actually using the cellular connection will cost an extra $10 a month, with T-Mobile matching your plan's existing data allotment (a 3GB smartphone plan would result in an additional 3GB of data just for the tablet).


Samsung tablets usually don't do much for me - if I'm not discouraged by the software, then the physical navigation buttons are a major turn-off. But I must admit that the Super AMOLED screens on the Tab S series turn my head every time I see them. If you've been hunting for one of your own, the 10.5" Galaxy Tab S is on sale in refurbished form over on eBay. It's going for $334.99, a full $165 off of the retail price.


Update 9/26/14: The price has dropped another $20 to $379.99.

Update 10/23/14: The price has now dropped another $20 to $359.99.


The longer you wait, the more affordable products become. These aren't necessarily words to live by, but they're generally true. Not too long ago we were happy to share with you a new Galaxy Tab S 10.5 we found on Amazon going for $446. Now we've come across a refurbished one on eBay available for just $399.

2014-09-18 02_06_06-Samsung Galaxy Tab® S

Samsung makes a lot of tablets. So many in fact, that it can be hard to keep track of which are the entry-level and which are the premium ones. Tab Pro? Galaxy Tab? No, it's the Tab S series that you want to lay your hands on if at all possible. Verizon Wireless has finally started selling the LTE-equipped 10.5-inch version for a cool $600 off-contract.

2014-09-18 02_04_35-Samsung Galaxy Tab® S


Sprint has announced that it will start offering an LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 on Friday, September 12th. The carrier is only willing to let go of the tablet for customers who can pay $27.09 a month for two years or drop down $649.99 in cold hard cash right on the counter. Either way, buyers aren't walking out without a service plan, but if they didn't want one, then they were better off buying the Wi-Fi version for $100 less anyway.


The Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is one of the best tablets available on the market right now. Samsung has released no shortage of slates, but this remains situated among the top of the line. That's why the 10-inch tablet usually still goes for half a grand. Yet if you're interested, here's the scoop. Amazon currently has the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 discounted by $50. Now there are some caveats. We're talking about the 16GB version, and the lower price only applies to the white option.

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